Richard Sherman had some thoughts for Michael Crabtree after the NFC Championship

- Following the Seahawks' win in the NFC Championship, cornerback Richard Sherman unleashed a rant on Erin Andrews that he clearly had not been practicing in the mirror or anything.

- In fact, the Seahawks' secondary was full of monster hits that day.

-  Nowhere was was anyone safe from being tackled, even on the sideline.

- Jim Harbaugh failed to throw a hissy fit following his team's loss, thereby becoming the most wonderful and respectful man who has ever lived.

- The sad part is that if Jim Harbaugh lost, then that means Pete Carroll had to win.

- On the AFC side, the infamously open-mouthed coach Bill Belichick congratulated Broncos receiver Wes Welker for the "one of the worst plays" he's "ever seen" on Sunday.

- Well, enough with all that Seahawks-49ers-Patriots-Broncos crap. Bring on the Broncos-Seahawks crap!

- The most shocking things about this year's Super Bowl is that both teams deserve to be there.