Report: Luries reach divorce settlement

Eagles owners Christina and Jeffrey Lurie. (Tom Gralish/Staff file photo)

According to the New York Post, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and wife Christina have reached a settlement in their divorce proceedings.

The Luries, who bought the team in 1994, annouced just over a month ago that they were planning on ending their marriage of 20 years. The pair also said in a letter to Eagles employees that "they would remain close friends" and "continue to work together as partners."

It's a good thing they plan on remaining close, because according to the Post's report, Christina will get a "sizable chunk" of the franchise, currently valued at more than $1.1 billion.

For this Eagles, this could mean changes, especially if the Luries can't play nice. For Mr. Lurie, who along with Christina won an Oscar for their 2011 documentary "Inside Job," this could also mean the end of his time on the Forbes list of billionaires.

How much she will get is still unknown, and the final court papers "could be filed as early as next week," according to the Post, perhaps just in time for the owner's annual state-of-the-team address.