Redskins struck by leg cramp epidemic

+ Yes, we were all feeling a little cocky at some point last night, Phillies and ex-Phillies alike. But nobody beat local guy away from home Kevin Hart at expressing their enthusiasm via capital letters.

+ Don't be coy, Domonic. We all know the horrible truth.


+ Hey, RGIII and Bryce Harper have the same running coach.


+ Oh man, that's such a weirdly large number of leg cramps, wow. #WOW



+ Yes, the Eagles have employed the "Philiadelphia Icon" style of offense this season. A surprise move. In this image, we see them calling for the play in which Michael Vick attempts to distract the blitz by dancing with the opoosing linebackers as LeSean McCoy blasts them with a hot dog cannon.

+ Ouch.



+ And suddenly, Cary Williams' tenacity didn't seem like such a liability for a few moments.