Real quick New York Yankees locker update

Like juniors re-entering their high school, the Yankees are inhabiting the lockers of graduated seniors with apparent glee. New class president Brian McCann is taking his half out of the middle.

Clubhouse attendant: "Um, Mr. McCann, I'm sorry, but we actually need that second locker for a, um, other player..."

Brian McCann: **stands up, gripping conspicuously written copy of unwritten rules in hand**

Baseball writer: "Wow what a hero."

Then there's A-Rod's locker, which has been allowed to fall into disrepair and probably become haunted. Do the beat writers spit on it as they walk by? We can only assume that yes they do. Which is a nicer gesture than the several moments of silent prayer they perform next to Mariano Rivera's.

Which probably disturbs David Robertson to an extent.

Meanwhile, a Yankees rep has perhaps tried to convince Carlos Beltran he's the next Robinson Cano. Locker-wise, anyway.

It's gonna be a crazy year for the Yankees... locker room attendants.