Ray Didinger goes on epic rant against Chip Kelly

Comcast SportsNet host Ray Didinger unloads over the idea that despite the loss, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was satisfied running 88 offensive plays.

After a disappointing loss at home against the lowly Miami Dolphins, it’s understandable to see emotional Eagles fans angry at Chip Kelly and the team’s performance.

But the team’s meltdown in front of nearly 70,000 fans at Lincoln Financial Field even has the normally calm and level-headed Ray Didinger ripping the team.

"It’s in every way the definition of the things bad teams do,” the Hall of Fame writer said Sunday night on Comcast SportsNet, noting the NFC East is so bad the Eagles could win it blindfolded. “But God, they just don’t know how to win."


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Didinger took special umbrage at Kelly’s comments during the post-game press conference, in which he expressed satisfaction that the team ran 88 offensive plays.

“You ran 88 plays and you scored 19 stinking points against the Miami Dolphins,” an angry Didinger said. “I don't care how many damn plays you ran. Don't tell me how many because I don't care. At the end of the game, the scoreboard tells me it wasn’t enough."


Chip Kelly addressed the idea he was satisfied with 88 plays on the WIP Morning Show on Monday, telling Angelo Cataldi his primary concern on offense is scoring.

“I’ve never been about plays,” Kelly said. “I’ll take eight plays if we score enough points.”