Ranking Philadelphia's sports venues

Admit it, Philly sports fans. You're spoiled.

Even though the teams may be struggling, fans in this town are treated to some of the best stadiums and arenas in the nation. Veterans Stadium and the Spectrum - while iconic - have been replaced by newer, more fan friendly venues. But better views and more food options aren't the only things that make a trip to watch your favorite team play worth the time and money. 

For example, history - like at the Palestra - and insane fans - like at PPL Park - can turn an ordinary stadium or arena into a must-see venue.

The people over at StadiumJourney.com ranked every stadium in Philly - but there's a twist. For multi-sport arenas, like the Wells Fargo Center, they broke it down by sport. There's separate entries for the 76ers, Flyers, Soul, and even Wings.


What is the best sports venue in Philly?

They ranked 18 venues in all - with an explanation of each. You'll have to flip over to StadiumJourney.com for the full list, but here's a look at their top 10:

  1. Lincoln Financial Field - Eagles
  2. Citizens Bank Park - Phillies
  3. The Palestra - Penn/Big 5
  4. Wells Fargo Center - 76ers
  5. PPL Park - Union
  6. Wells Fargo Center - Flyers
  7. The Pavilion - Villanova
  8. Wells Fargo Center - Soul
  9. Wells Fargo Center - Wings
  10. Villanova Stadium - Villanova

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And make sure to check out Stadium Journey for the rest of the list.