'Randall Cunningham: A Football Life' contains a few gems

Randy Cunningham, star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles tries on a souvenir hat given to him by a fan after his arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport on July 31, 1989. The Eagles play the Cleveland Browns next Sunday in an American football game at Wembley Stadium, London. (AP Photo)

NFL Network aired "Randall Cunningham: A Football Life" Tuesday night, which featured several gems from the former Eagles quarterback's life and career.

- On Buddy Ryan's 3rd down nickel package, in which if it were 3rd and 6 or less, Ron Jaworski would stay in, but if it were 3rd and 7 or more, Cunningham would come in - Cunningham thought it was "brilliant." Jaws, for some reason, despised it.

- Then Giants defensive coordinator Bill Belichick's strategy for beating Randall Cunningham: "Get deep, don't let him throw the ball over your head." Also known as "GTFB - Get The F*** Back."

- Cunningham found himself compared to both Michael Jordan and John Wayne.

- He is the owner of the fourth longest punt in NFL history - 91 yards.

- Pam Oliver liked the idea of the parties Cunningham hit up after the game, and for some reason assumed some people were not invited. "Better than hanging with the offensive lineman after the game!" she laughed. "Who wants that?"

- Who was Randall Cunningham's biggest influence? A family member? A football idol? "I was very influenced by Arsenio Hall back then."

- Cunningham channeled Arsenio for his weekly talk show, "The Randall Cunningham Show," for which he was such a natural, he won an Emmy.

- Buddy Ryan told Cunningham he just had to make five good plays to win the game. His successor Rich Kotite also used numbers to simplify the game - stay in the pocket and make 7/10 passes. This did not end well.

- John Gruden was super into backwards visors in the '90s.

- "I never wanted to play football again," Cunningham said after his last game as an Eagle. He then went where everyone goes after making that statement: Minnesota.

- The Vikings success with Cunningham had a key aspect: "Randall was the only one who could get it to Randy (Moss) down the field!" Cris Carter explained.

- After the NFC Championship game elimination at the hands of the Falcons in 1998 after a 15-1 regular season, Cris Carter wept on the sidelines. Cunningham comforted his teammate, but claims had it not been for the year he took off from football, that loss "would have ended me."

- Somehow they glossed right over "Buddy's Watchin' You."