RGIII fine now, says picture

  • RGIII had some great news last night, and a copywritten prepared graphic to go with it.
  • Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera’s announcement that we was also okay and everything is going to be okay seemed a little more… insistent.
  • This play features a great catch, a burst of speed, the complete stoppage of that speed, and then a second burst of speed, and then a touchdown.

  • It’s hard to believe that Jadeveon Clowney ruined America so entirely with a not-flawless performance last night, especially after all that scrutiny and attention he asked for. Isn’t that right, guy who is totally unfamiliar with intense analysis and endless examination?
  • The bad news is, Bryan Cranston has not signed a ludicrous six picture deal to play Lex Luthor. The good news is that James Spader has signed on to play a sinister robot in the Avengers sequel.
  • It’s hard to imagine a pair of tighty-whities having such sentimental value that didn’t belong to Walter White, but here we are, spending another Friday morning looking at Jim Palmer’s autographed underwear. Asking price: $62.99.
  • Yasiel Puig played Tony La Russa in ping pong, and hours later ESPN coincidentally launched an entire ping pong section for their web site, consisting entirely of a recap of the Puig-La Russa match, focusing on the “old school/new school” angle.
  • So suddenly beating the Marlins makes you a playoff team.
  • There’s a movie from HBO coming out about Muhammad Ali dodging the draft. Man, when Frank Langella and Christopher Plummer are meeting in dark studies at night and drinking scotch, you know damn well some corruption is definitely going to happen. Also, hey – don’t blink or you’ll miss Danny Glover turning around and looking at someone.