RG3's doctor admits quarterback is 'superhuman'

Robert Griffin III is probably the closest thing the world has to an actual superhero. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

We all saw Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III suffer a grotesque knee injury in last year's NFL playoffs that I am not even enjoying the memory of as I type this.

Here's an image of it that I did not have fun finding.

Needless to say, his body seemed to be hanging by a thread, immediately taking him out of the playoffs and making people wonder if he'd ever be the same.

Well, according to Dr. James Andrews, he'll not only be the same, he'll probably be just as good, if not better. Because he's 'superhuman,' like other human 2.0 models Andrews has dealt with in the past.

From ESPN:

"RG III is one those superhumans. First patient I ever had like that was Bo Jackson. And recently I, of course, had Adrian Peterson, who is also superhuman. They have an unbelievable ability to recover, where as a normal human being may not be able to recover."
--Dr. James Andrews

You or I may have collapsed in a heap - after all the screaming - and settled for a life of coaching high school football and talking about how we had it all until Mike Shanahan refused to take us out. 

But now it seems like the biggest obstacle for RG3's next playoff campaign is whether or not it's a schedule conflict with his invitation to join the X-Men.