Eagles fans take out frustration the old fashioned way: on each other

+ Eagles fans felt many emotions last night; nostalgia for Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid, frustration for the offense's failure to be the offense it was in the first half of week one, and obviously, pure, unfiltered rage at each other, because all that 'brotherly love' talk was starting to feel unironic. 

+ Not sure why exactly Andy Reid did not want to talk with Sal Paolantonio, but... boy, he really didn't want to.

+ Mistakes were made last night, but rarely were so many mistakes made simultaneously outside of everyone but Jason Kelce getting called for a false start on one play.

+ Broadcaster Mike Mayock had a weirdly patronizing night of calling all the Eagles and Chiefs players "kid" or "son," but was also kind enough to explain, as a "native Philadelphian" (of the West Philly suburbs) some of our native lingo. For instance, did you know that in West Philly they call things "BL's?"

"That's a bad look. In West Philly, they call that a BL"

--Mike Mayock.

Which brings to mind another common Philly colloquialism, "What the hell are you talking about, Mike Mayock?"

+ Prince Fielder’s nacho craving did not have to wait until he even got back to the dugout yesterday.

+ It’s long been a September during which Pirates still saw fit to surrender their bodies for the team. But Tony Sanchez proved how different these Pirates are with a bit of skull-bashing gymnastics.

Fly, actual eagle, fly.

+ The key to enjoying Game of Thrones is to pick rarely seen fringe characters to be your favorite, and that way, when protagonists are mercilessly slaughtered in some random scene in the middle of the season, you won’t be emotionally devastated.  But it seems George R. R. Martin has been inspired by Breaking Bad, and clearly does not feel Game of Thrones is nearly villainous and horrible enough. This is about as close to redemption as we get.

+ We've made a lot of jokes about the Nationals claiming they'd make it to the World Series, and they're 5 1/2 games out of the Wild Card, but don't beat a dead Nationals fan. I always say.

+ The Lakers showed off their new black uniforms – they’re black, they say ‘Lakers’ on them – which Metta World Peace found inspiring enough to announce that the Lakers are going to the Finals. Which makes you wonder where Virginia Tech’s weird new ‘Hokie Stone’ helmet will take them.

+ Do you like it when old people trick young people? Then you’ll love what Todd Helton did to Matt Carpenter.