Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler trade not super convenient for Ian Kinsler

- Well, the MLB offseason's biggest blockbuster deal was not Ruben Amaro signing Marlon Byrd, it turns out.

- The timing of the Ian Kinself-for-Prince Fielder Rangers/Tigers trade just couldn't have been better for Kinsler.

- Which is good news, because there needs to be some feel-good stories in baseball with all the feelings flying around A-Rod's issues with Bud Selig

- Which is also good news, because now we can get cross all those A-Rod action figures off of our holiday shopping lists with ease.

- Come on down to Madison Square Garden, where you may or may not be attending a hockey game.

- Santana Moss, calling out RGIII, did his best to sitr up some drama for Washington to react to, but the rest of the team just felt it was not the way to go.

- No thank you, Dwight Howard.

- Josh Reddick of the A's lost a beard-off to WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan, and we all got to watch as Reddick was forced to say good bye to his old friend.