Power rankings: Will Iverson make a difference?

The Sixers have been the talk of the town the last couple of days with the return of Allen Iverson. However, the acquisition hasn’t caused much of a positive change for the Sixers in this week’s national power rankings.

Here’s Pattison Ave.’s weekly roundup:

*The Sixers dropped one spot from last week in ESPN's power rankings from 27th to 28th.

Here's ESPN's take:

The biggest problem we see with bringing Iverson back, even if it provides a short-term boost at the gate, is that Philly would eventually have to let him go again. And then deal with all the post-A.I. fallout for a second time.

*NBA.com writer John Schulmann also dropped the Sixers down in his power rankings from 26th to 27th.

Schulmann isn't sold on Iverson's return either:

A reunion with Allen Iverson would either help the Sixers find an identity or make them more disorganized than they already are. Losers of six straight, they haven't shown any improvement on either end of the floor and they're quickly getting buried in the East.

*FOXSports.com writer John Galinsky believes the team will remain irrelevant in the Eastern Conference even with the addition of A.I. He dropped them four spots, from 23rd to 27th.

Galinsky doesn't pull any punches:

Iverson in Philly? Great idea! As long as this is still 2001.


*CBSSports.com echoes the same sentiment, dropping the Sixers from 23rd a week ago to 26th this week.

A.I. II: Ay yi yi. ... Knew it wouldn't be easy: Seven-game losing streak includes Cavaliers, Celtics, Hawks, Spurs, Mavericks.

*InsideHoops.com demonstrates a more positive outlook with the addition of Iverson, but still ranks the Sixers in the lower echelon at 27th.

The Sixers have been terrible, but at least no one in Philly has seen it with their own eyes. Andre Iguodala continues to be a bright spot. Lou Williams was very good before getting injured. Now the team is bringing Allen Iverson in -- InsideHoops.com figures he'll help win a few extra games but not have a big overall impact.

*SI.com has the Sixers sitting in the basement at No. 27, just behind the struggling Wizards and Warriors.

Granted, SI's ranking came out before the Iverson signing was final:

The Sixers don't have much to lose by signing Allen Iverson. Philly has lost six straight and are drawing 11,965 fans a night, the second sparsest home crowd in the league. To that end, a source told SI.com on Sunday that Iverson was still under consideration to be signed as a replacement for injured guard Lou Williams, out for the next two months with a broken jaw.

The Sixers have lost eight straight, with six of those eight losses coming on the road. Iverson will start his second tour of duty with the Sixers Monday night at home against the Denver Nuggets. Will he help the Sixers climb in the rankings?