Sielski/Murphy podcast: Potential Sixers draftees, Gelb on Phillies

David Murphy

Updated: Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 5:29 PM

Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski (left) and Daily News columnist David Murphy, hosts of the "Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show" podcast.

Life is full of big questions:

How was Wisconsin an eight seed?

How can the Phillies leave Brock Stassi off their roster?

What would have happened if the Saints had agreed to take Malcolm Jenkins and two draft picks for Brandin Cooks?

What does Mike Kern think about Moscow Mules?

Fortunately, we have unlimited amounts of digital audio space on our server, because all this and more are addressed on this week’s episode of our Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show, the weekly podcast in which Mike Sielski makes salient points and David Murphy does his best to interrupt them.

Phillies expert Matt Gelb joins the show from sunny Clearwater to follow up on his piece detailing some observations he’s noted over the last six weeks while following the team.

Here’s a table of contents:

0:00 - Music with out-of-date sound bytes

0:15 - Introduction in which we detail all of the things we’re not going to talk about for the next 20 minutes.

1:00 - Discussion of why open clubhouses are awkward

8:00 - Discussion of Josh Jackson and D’Andre Fox and other Sixers hopefuls.

16:00 - Let’s reinvent the NBA’s developmental system

30:35 - Dave uses the phrase golly-gee-willikers

31:41 - Ghostface segue into Eagles therapy

48:25 - Gelb

1:09:40 - Kern and Murphy almost fight over the NCAA Tournament committee.

1:30:33 -Fin

Good luck.

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David Murphy

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