Possibly rabid possum menaces Phillies training camp

Soon. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Update: The possum that stalked Phillies camp has been captured. 

From earlier: In Tampa, the Yankees are being watched by an adorable raccoon.

But if playoff chances are indicated by the cuteness of the woodland creature monitoring your team's progress, it would make sense if the Dodgers were being watched by the cast of Bambi, and the Phillies were being watched, by, well...

The police, this is Florida remember, with detailed databases on every possum, were apparently able to identify the possum as one of those stricken with "nature's froth," or "rabies" as it is actually known.

There's no confirmation of this yet, of course. He could just be one of the very normal, very healthy, incredibly ferocious possums that lurk in Florida's shadows.

In 2012, a "possum rehabber" was needed in Clearwater to deal with a totally alive possum found floating in a swimming pool. They even named one of the local boat supply companies after their native beasties. Standard protocol for locals who see a possum is to flee.

Absolutely no one would be shocked should a key Phillies player be on the DL with a possum bite, so the police's fears should not be taken lightly.