Fernandez upsets poor Braves

+ I haven’t been reading the follow-ups to the Braves-Marlins mayhem, but I assume the word ‘fracas’ has been used multiple times. Jose Fernandez – a 21-year-old rookie pitcher – took a second too long admiring a home run he hit last night, and the Braves’ googly-eyed third base man, Chris Johnson, decided to throw a conniption fit after antagonizing Fernandez all night.

UPDATE: Seriously, is it a rule that you have to use this word?

+ Ruben Amaro openly admitted to trying to trade for Giancarlo Stanton “…at least ten times.” He is apparently doing so again.  Good luck, Ruben! Not Asche please. Or Franco. Or Galvis or Utley or Ruf. Maybe see if you can trick them into a “magic beans” sort of situation.

+ A lot of people were excited by the Eagles’ fast paced offense on Monday night, but not Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, whose not-complimentary thoughts will undoubtedly haunt the Eagles for the rest of the year as soon as they remember who he is.

+ But then 49ers running back called the Seahawks the "She-Hawks," which is such a well thought-out tweet that it probably won't even anger most people.

+ Let history show that Bobby Valentine was the New York hero who consoled the Mets after they were upset at being overshadowed by the Yankees during post-9/11 charity events.  Thank you, Bobby.

+ Oh no, Derek Jeter’s season is over. Now all he has is money and championship rings and 12 houses and a lifetime of irreplaceable memories. What if he misses out on his farewell tour and doesn’t get presents during his last trip to every stadium?!?

+ The Lions sell the most expensive beer in the NFL, at $0.67 per ounce. The Eagles are right around the league average at $0.44 an ounce. So as soon as they start selling beer by the ounce, it’ll be affordable.