Phillies unveil locations for Fan Trips

We can love Cliff Lee on the road, too. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

The Phillies once again want you to join them on the road in the coming season, whilew they try and make themselves into a team worth chasing across the country.

Hosted by Scott Palmer and Greg Luzinski, the Phillies are taking fans as close as New York and Pittsburgh and as far as San Francisco in 2014 as part of their Fan Road Trips.

“We’ve been hosting fan trips for years and they get better every season,” said Palmer. “Our passionate fan base is known around the league for being well-traveled and these trips make it easy and fun. What’s better than travelling with fellow Phillies fans to see your Fightin’ Phils play and experience exciting MLB cities?”

Yes, it'll be fun. As of yet, none of the teams in question have improved much more than the Phillies, other than of course the Pirates, the sole 2013 playoff representative of the bunch. PNC Park is a gorgeous venue, worth seeing the Phillies lose in heartbreaking fashion to be able to cross off your list.

Citi Field has improved over the years. The Braves may be fleeing Turner Field after a brief stay, but the Mets refuse to leave Flushing, regardless of parts of the stadium falling off and packs of stray dogs terrorizing visitors. Those years are long over. Now, there's just the team to worry about.

And the Giants' have one of the best settings for baseball in the league, sitting right on the bay of the titular "Bay Area," on the edge of the city. Despite the funky weather patterns, and potential for increasingly violent sea gulls, it's also a hell of a ballpark.

So come on out and join Marlon Byrd and the rest of the Phillies as they try to "win now" somewhere else.