Phillies troll on, re-sign Michael Martinez

+ Quickly, everyone. Bob Nightengale of USA Today has written just the dumbest thing about baseball, tradition, and how perfect the Cardinals are.

+ Good morning, and a happy Friday to

...the 2014 Phillies, everybody. Give 'um a hand. At the very least, they know how to troll.

+ Here's Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier letting a tie-breaking goal slither behind him and in for the score like a boss.

+ The Red Sox took their turn at winning an ALCS game last night, putting the Tigers up against a 3-2 wall. Mike Napoli was the key again this time, his strategy being to hit the ever loving crap out of the ball. Let's see if it paid off.

+ Of course, it wasn't all Red Sox. Tigers catcher Bryan Pena tried to tag out an umpire, proving once and for all there is no way to get one of them off the field.


+ The Brooklyn Nets retired Jason Kidd's jersey yesterday, but as the team's current head coach, he couldn't just then take the elevator up to his suite and spend the rest of the night muching on finger sandwiches while the mascot humiliated himself.

+ It seems like in a lot of circles "Gronk is back" is more of a warning than a celebration; as if a mythic, horrible monster has risen again for the first time generations.