Phillies to be simulcast in HD Spanish

The Philadelpia Phillies new Spanish broadcaster Danny Martinez, left, chats with Phillies manager Charlie Manuel on the field before the Phillies game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Monday, March 14, 2005, in Clearwater, Fla. The Phillies announced a new four-year agreement to broadcast all their games on Spanish radio in the Philadelphia market. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Even if you aren't fluent in the language, Phillies Spanish broadcasts are worth a listen. The flow of conversation is fluid and festive, especially if you need a night off from Tom McCarthy hawking tote bags for women and girls 15 and over.

During the Spanish version, there is boundless enthusiasm, coordinated cheers, and you should hear Danny Martinez call a home run.

"Pelotaaaaaaaaa no regresaaaaaaaa!" [Literally translated, "the ball does not return."]

Listeners to HD station Phillies 24/7, the first station dedicated solely to a single MLB team, will be given the gift of the Spanish broadcast starting May 3. The team in the booth - Bill Kulik, Rickie Ricardo and Angel Castillo - will make their HD debut against the Marlins in Miami.

"With the number of Spanish speaking Phillies fans experiencing explosive growth in our region, and the Latino passion for baseball, this is a service that I am certain will be well received by the Hispanic community," Kulik, the President of Spanish Beisbol Productions, says in a press release.

Kulik's work in the industry has been commendable, already working Spanish simulcasts for the Eagles, Red Sox, and in the near future, the Carolina Panthers.