Phillies named best team in NL East

Pop the champagne - the Phillies are the team to beat in the NL East again.

Yes, it looks like it will take more than a series of humiliating losses to derail this team entirely. 15 of their 36 wins came against the Mets or Marlins. They are 15-12 against the NL East entirely thus far.

Sure, the bullpen is a swirling maw of incompetence, and the offense's most consistent form is "inconsistent," and the players are old or injured and the GM won't trade anyone and the contracts are ludicrous and the wildly expensive closer has started blowing saves on the regular and Delmon Young and probably Carlos Zambrano are on the team.

But hey, you can't argue with numbers.

You can't.

So, don't.

UPDATE:  I told you not to!!