Phillies minor league affiliates insert selves into U.S. history

It's Independence Day, and we're all feeling a little more Americany-y than usual. "Patriotic," I supposed is the popular term. Fortunately, we keep those feelings largely in-house, and don't do usual American things like refusing to adopt the Metric system or being hated by everyone.

The Phillies farm system is up and down pro-America, if you ever had any doubts about that. And they've proven it on our nation's birthday by apparently traveling through time, with no concerns about continuums or casuality, and posing for pictures to tweet out this very day.

The Double A Reading Fightins just went with good old Screwball being a bit screwier. And in lieu of time travel, the Williamsport Crosscutters played a doubleheader. That's plenty patriotic, without risking the destruction of the present.