Phillies leave Fort Myers with bruised Chooch

Everything was going fine for the Phillies last night. Well, the three-run triple from Shane Victorino put a damper on things. What had been a 1-1 game was now a pretty probable 6-1 Red Sox win. And Carlos Ruiz was at the plate in the ninth inning with two outs already.

So maybe it's not as if everything had proceeded according to plan at that point (Cole Hamels was throwing curveballs last night, Pete Orr was playing in right field), but then things went off the rails. Red Sox pitcher Anthony Carter threw one up and in on Chooch and struck him in the hand.

It wasn't the smartest move, as now we had another base runner, making a thrilling comeback all the more likely (90 seconds later John Mayberry would weakly pop out to end the game). But the Phillies pulled Chooch out of the game immediately, and reported the great news a bit later.

"Contusion" is one of those words  that the Phillies use just to make us worry when it has a perfectly fine, less intimidating monosyllabic counterpart like "bruise." But "reevaluated" is one of those words that can lead to other, worse words like "inflamed," "intensifying," or "fired."


It was an active night for comedian John Hodgman in Philadelphia. The former Daily Show correspondent and human embodiment of a PC was in town with his Comedy Central cohorts, giving a free performance on Temple campus.

Afterward, Hodgman was looking for a cool local spot to have a Tweet-up, which is a hip thing that all the young people are doing these days. 

Bob and Barbra's it was, until it was reported that the place was too packed for any tweeting, as the drag show was about to commence. 

That John Hodgman - he's tweeting, he's tumbling, he's rescheduling engagements, he once got paid to become a computer. That guy knows how to do the 21st century lifestyle.


15 can be such a low number, when applied to things like minutes or miles per hour.  But if it is the number of basketball games your team has lost in a row when playing in other cities, it’s actually quite staggering.

And thus, the Sixers pain train rolled forward to a 101-100 loss in Denver, catching not even their deepest, most financially secure fans by surprise.

The Nuggets, on the other hand, have won 14 in a row, and the Sixers were able to make themselves a part of another team's admirable win streak by doing what they do best: losing. This time, they somehow pulled off a loss despite leading by five with 14 seconds left.

"That's some crazy stuff that just happened," said Evan Turner. At least he has a title for his memoirs.


For seven hours yesterday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives debated the merits of a bill to privatize liquor sales.

Now the bill, which has gotten farther than any other bill in its place has since the end of Prohibition in 1933, is off to the Senate, where many speculate it will certainly be killed, thus ending any fantasies we have about passing a beer aisle in the supermarket.

Here's hoping they fast track this one as we approach baseball season so cook-outs can get closer to one-stop shopping, unless you include the hospital.