Phillies invite you to delightful post game dance party

These people should really be dancing. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

After whatever is going to happen at the Phillies-Braves game at Citizens Bank Park this Friday happens, just know this: You will be dancing.

Sure, the Braves are 2-1 against the Phillies this year, outscoring them 16-9. Also, how have we only played the Braves three times this close to the All-Star break? Haven't we played the Marlins 30 or 40 times?

Regardless, those irritating Braves will bring their first place team in here and for nine innings, we'll all be really irritated, But after that, the Phillies have invited us to all partake in the frantic majest of Dutch trance duo W&W, performing a live show on the Bud Light patio deck.

“We know it’s a little unusual, but two of the most passionate fan bases out there are dance music and sports. So [we thought], ‘let’s try to blend them together for a unique event," says Phillies Director of Marketing and Special Projects Michael Harris on W&W's web site.

I think we can all assume the CBP show will be exactly like that video.