Phillies End Times cartoon caption contest

We all had the sneaking suspicion the Phillies were going to be bad, but did any of us think they'd be this bad? Attendance numbers clearly show people aren't enjoying watching them play. The struggles of Revere and Domonic Brown reveal it's not just the aging nucleus of Utley, Howard and Rollins fans should be nervous about. And don't expect anything to change as as long as Ruben Amaro Jr. remains at the helm.

So are we crazy to hope the end is near? 

Submit your best ideas in the comments below, and use our cool new Disqus commenting system to up-vote the captions you think should win (works better than telling me the ones I pick are terrible). You can tweet me suggestions, too - @RobTornoe. I'll pick the best and announce the results on Saturday.

Check out previous winners here.