Phillies don't play as other NL East teams don't play nicely

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- I have decided that the Phillies World Series reenacted with LEGOs is the best Phillies video making the rounds right now, as it includes far less devastation and Dan Uggla.

- Elsewhere in the NL East, the Ian Desmond threw a hissy fit because the Marlins throw inside and definitely not because the Nationals' star pitcher gave up six runs and the Nationals haven't been awarded the 2014 World Series trophy yet. 

FINAL: Marlins 11, Nationals 2

- One of Stephen Strasburg's precious pitches flew 457 feet, courtesy of Giancarlo Stanton. Maybe he should have thrown a little more inside? Who knows.

- Not quite there yet, but I like where your head's at.

- Oh, that Brian Wilson! What won't he claim to like next?

Of course, this shocking Dodgers clubhouse revelation comes with follow-up questions.

- If you can guess who the Rams will play and in what order for the upcoming season, you win $100,000! Please, someone; care about the Rams. We have families.

- In the future, blogs will be obsolete, and we will convey all sports predictions via fingernails.

- Maybe it's the irritated fans who need a breather.

- Hey, check out the size of the Jaguars' [planned] record-breaking stadium scoreboard, soon to feature all those Jaguars players and scoring drives they're known for! Please, someone; care about the Jaguars.

- Joakim Noah in .gif form is slightly more entertaining than Joakim Noah's real form.

- Finally, we close with some minor league Phillies filling time as the rain falls. Good luck in Augusta, Barry Enright and David Buchanan. Form looks good.