Phillies celebrate worst All-Star showing since 2003 with fun new hat

(Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Phillies have an entire second baseman starting in the All-Star Game, so you know that it's time to celebrate. Multiple team representatives in a single All-Star Game? Is that even legal? 

Major League baseball, an entity that needs very little reason to invent a new hat, has invented a new hat. In fact, every team gets one, that way fans of every team can pay $37.99 plus shipping and handling to rep their team in some fun new color scheme.


It sort of looks like a hat they'd wear on Fargo, with the side flaps flipped up.

But yeah, you can clearly see that the secondary color, blue, is impinging slightly further toward the logo, which makes this a pretty crazy hat. Also, there is a patch informing you that this was made for the 2014 All-Star Game. Neat!

Hey, you know there's probably somewhere near you where you could spend $40 on 40 tacos. But if that, or the many other things you can get for $40, are not your bag, then support Chase Utley's three or four innings at second base by buying a slightly different Phillies for only $10-13 per inning!