Phillies as Jurassic Park (in 3-D!) characters

In a bit of cross-network integration/synergy, Zoo With Roy and put together another entry in the legendary "Phillies as..." series. Check out some of it here, then head over the the bolg for the whole thing.

Jimmy Rollins as the Dilophosaurus

Charming, non threatening, playful - but hang around too long and he'll spit paralyzing goo into your face. 

Mostly, the parallel here is the swag. Jimmy will peacock with the best of them, strutting around charity events and locker rooms with all the fashion sense of an extinct reptile. Dilophosaurus, penchant for devouring Newman aside, is the most stylish of the beasts, showing off its glorious, slithery mane to anyone willing to hang around in the rain.

Dom Brown as Ray "Hold Onto Your Butts" Arnold

He's rebooted the system, and now, with a streak of optimism, he's ready to give it another shot.

"I got this guys!" Dom says with the bases loaded.

**Is devoured by raptors**

Michael Martinez as That Chunk of Goat-Meat that Lands on Top of the Car

For the 3D version of the film, they actually dubbed in the sound of Michael Martinez hitting the DL to more accurately portray a slab of goat landing on a car.

Roy Halladay as the Brachiosaurus with a Cold

The massive mainstay of the group; the legend, quietly taking care of himself. But even 50-foot monsters and 6 and a half foot monsters get sick and old and hard to watch in their decline. If he's gonna go out, he's gonna go out on his own terms: Sneezing in a little girl's face.