VIDEO: Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy catches Braves homer while on the air, throws it back

Phillies play-by-play announcer Tom McCarthy did something very Friday few, if any, other television announcers have ever done: He caught a home run while calling the play live over the air.

McCarthy, along with Matt Stairs and Jamie Moyer, were not stationed at their usual post in the press area of Citizens Bank Park Friday. Instead, they were calling the game from the center field stands.

During the first inning of the Phillies’ loss to the Braves, Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman launched a three-run homer that headed right toward the announcers.

While making the call, and having the pressure of looking cool in front of everyone around him, McCarthy managed to make a one-handed grab right in his glove.

But that wasn’t all. With some urging from Moyer, McCarthy threw the ball back onto the field, just like any other home fan that catches a homer front the visiting team.

Kudos to you, T-Mac. You have earned the first, and probably only, web gem of your broadcasting career.

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