Phillies suggest maybe watching something other than Phillies

The Phillies may be a floundering non-contender, warped by their own bullpen and offense while clutching the roster card, defiantly crying that nothing is going to change.

But they're also a floundering non-contender with their finger on the pulse of this community.

This so so true.

The city is in the midst of its summer food truck renaissance; Steve Martin will be playing the banjo at the Kimmel Center in a few days; the Franklin Institute is showing off a history of espionage; and look at this hipster, celebrating himself.

There is a plethora of things to take your mind off newly healthy Chase Utley getting his crotch ruined by David Wright.

The Phillies, it seem, want to focus in on the June 27 Cirque du Soleil performance in Camden, instead of watching whatever happens when the team rolls into L.A. to take on the Dodgers.

This may not be a great sign. Barring the Phillies trying to throw us a surprise party, there is a feeling of dread in this attempt to get us out of the house. 

What are you planning, Phillies? And don't say 'nothing.'