The best Andy Reid analysis we've read so far

Sometimes, when people comment on our stories, they leave terrible, awful comments that we need to remove from the site because they're racist, profane, or just plain offensive.

Sometimes, however, they leave gems like this comment from Joe Checkler - a.k.a "JoeyScoops" - that we found on a Marcus Hayes column published on Wednesday.

Checkler, a Giants fan, wrote a poem to poke fun at his many green-blooded friends, most notably his brother-in-law.

Here is the comment as it appeared on our site:

Twas the night they fired Andy, and all throughout Philly
The mood was all different, euphoric and silly
They’d finally done it, they killed off old Reid
What a gift for the city, the best gift indeed

No more bad challenges or wasted timeouts
No more embarrassing home playoff routs
No more sad nights that spoiled the fun
No more long passes on third down and one

From Center City to Jersey and all through Bucks County
Miles of relief for the fat man’s bounty
But what now that the big guy is out of the mix
Have they forgotten Johnson’s defense or 4th-and 26?

The 5 title games and 6 division crowns
Andy’s Eagles weren’t exactly the Cleveland Browns
He drafted McNabb, oh wait, they hated him too
In the town that serenades heroes with choruses of boos

Oh Schmidty and Moses, McNabb and now Andy
As popular around here as Hurricane Sandy
Be careful what you wish for now that it’s not his job
This is the man who got value for Kevin Kolb

He was chubby and mustachioed, a great football mind
But they laughed when they saw him, he wasn’t their kind
He never panicked, despite the commotion
Even when Vick couldn’t throw a ball in the ocean

He believed in his ways, and the league came around
He jumpstarted the trend that killed ground n’ pound
But he wasn’t Vermeil, he didn’t seem regal
Despite that he completely turned around the Eagles

But now he’s left his office for one last time
His demise isn’t a victimless crime
Be careful what you wish for you silly Philly fans
Without big ol’ Andy, you may be also rans

Thanks, Joe, and keep 'em coming.