Lottery night absurdity, Josh Jackson v. Jayson Tatum, Sielski's speech

Columnists Mike Sielski (left) and David Murphy, hosts of the "Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show" podcast.

Mike Sielski spent lottery night watching Joel Embiid dominate a hotel ballroom in New York City. David Murphy spent it wandering through the theatre of the absurd that was Xfinity! Live.

Now that the envelopes are in the recycling bin, college hoops insider Mike Jensen joins our hourlong weekly roundtable to offer his insight on the Sixers' options at No. 3. He sees it as a choice between Kansas' Josh Jackson or Duke's Jayson Tatum, though a trade shouldn't be ruled out. He also has some interesting thoughts on Kentucky's De'Aaron Fox and Malik Monk. Come for the Sixers discussion. Stay to find out why Dave has yet to receive his diploma from La Salle.

The listening guide to the latest Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show podcast, by timestamp:

00:30 - Sielski takes us inside the NYC ballroom where the lottery was held. Murphy takes us inside XFinity Live, where a bunch of cult members raised Sam Hinkie's banner to the ceiling and joined together in creepy chants. 

08:45 - An appreciation of Joel Embiid, local hero.

11:30 - "You can't have all your guys coming into the league at the same point."


Should the 76ers trade up to draft Markelle Fultz?

16:20 - "How do I turn this Rubix cube so all the colors end up on the right side?"

17:15 - Wizards now vs. Sixers in a few years. Whither Otto Porter?

24:10 - "This is the offseason it has to come together."

24:45 - The unfortunate thing about Ben Simmons' foot.

26:00 - Mike Jensen joins the show; patronization of Sielski begins.

27:00 - The romantic story of that time Dave first met Mike.

29:30 - Why Dave still has yet to receive his diploma from La Salle.

32:00 - "This is the reverse snobbery that La Salle guys like to bring up."

35:45 - Jensen as GM. 

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