Petition surfaces to strip NFL of 'nonprofit' status

The NFL technically labels itself as a 'nonprofit.' (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

There $9 billion annually pouring into the NFL, which makes it a little weird that it is still referred to as a 'nonprofit.'

Both Major League Baseball and the NBA have given up on falling into the same category, but the NFL keeps plugging along, slowly arranging all the pieces so that the influece and control is all in the hands of the owners. Oh, and also - they don't pay federal or corporate taxes.

Instead of writing sarcastic blog about it, Saints fan Lynda Woolard settled on a slightly more potentially effective solution: Congress. 

Woolard's petition to strip the NFL of their 'nonprofit' status now has almost 200,000 signatures, and the attention of Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. 

“No major professional sports league deserves to have a tax exemption,” Coburn, a historically staunch conservative, said. He is notable for his interest and experience in restructuring financial entitlements, whether through welfare, or federal.

Woolard notes that Roger Goodell's $30 million salary nets him more financially than the annual salaries of CEOs at companies that are labeled for-profit. 

“I believe this petition resonates with folks now because we are in rough economic times and people want to know that everybody is carrying their share of the burden," Woolard says. "Further, I believe there is a growing frustration amongst football fans, like myself, who are too often left out of the decision-making process within the league, while the general public is asked to pony up more and more tax dollars in order to fund new stadiums or renovations to existing ones.”