Peter Gammons compares Alex Rodriguez to Boston Marathon bombers

Alex Rodriguez, 38-year-old professional baseball player is guily of:

- Taking steroids, by his own admission

- Being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz

- Getting girls' numbers during games

- Being perceived as selfish

- Possibly lying about taking further PEDs

Some are against the rules of baseball, others are just negative qualities, and the Cameron Diaz thing doesn't really register anywhere but a lavish slice of the life of a millionaire athlete. But none are breaking laws, none would send him to prison, and none resulted in the deaths of people, making A-Rod directly responsible for loss of human life.

That has not stopped formerly respected baseball writers from taking turns comparing him to some unimaginable things. Earlier this year, it was Bil Madden and Whitey Bulger, a mobster charged with 11 murders. 

Now, it's Peter Gammons, and the Boston Marathon bombers.

"...[A-Rod] wants to blow up the world -- he is like the marathon bombers."

Alex Rodriguez is a baseball player who has purposefully cheated at baseball and is "guilty" of being self-absorbed. But this is just another in the bizarre saga of weird, overflowing vitriol baseball writers have especially for A-Rod.

Gammons has already apologized, a refreshing change in this process.