Patton Oswalt's Star Wars/Avengers/Clash of the Titans project

Patton Oswalt's cameo on Parks and Recreation will consist of about eight minutes of improv in which he outlines details for his own Star Wars/Avengers/Clash of the TItans crossover, which was way too cool nerdy to not come from reality.


The Phillies were swept in Cincinnati last night, putting lots of zeroes up on the board.  When the last out was recorded of their 11-2 loss, some of the zeroes were still there.

Number of Phillies walks during series: 0

Number of hits for Ben Revere in his last 14 at-bats:  0

Number of uninjured Domonic Brown’s:  0

Number of uninjured John Lannan’s:  0

Number of games lost yesterday: 2


Eagles tight end Brent Celek has only spent 48 hours with Chip Kelly's offense and he is already willing to say that it will "...change the league." He also said that it may not be "super successful" and that it is "insane."

So what the Eagles' s offense will just look like, visually, is pretty intriguing at this point. 

Kelly has indicated that under his regime, every aspect of Eagles football will be under scrutiny, from the tempo of the offense, to the cafeteria relish. After practice, to ensure that players are getting proper vitamin intake, there are individualized smoothies with each players' name written on them.

"I got mango, peanut butter, and banana," said Vinny Curry.


This Saturday, April 20, will be the fifth annual Record Store Day; a day in which our country's 700 independently owned record stores celebrate - here's the twist - music.

First started in 2008, when we were all too busy watching the Phillies "blow it" in April to notice Metallica playing a show at a record store in San Francisco, Record Store Day will be celebrated in Philadelphia at various locations, including a.k.a. music, The Marvelous!, and Hideaway Music.

More bands have used Record Store Day to release new material or take part in promotions each year since, and in 2013, we'll get new releases or reissues from Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Notorious B.I.G., Pink Floyd, and The White Stripes, among others.

Here's RSD 2013 official ambassador Jack White wearing a keen hat and fashionable shoes as he takes you on a tour of  - another twist here - a record factory.