Packers make mistake now referred to as 'McNabbing'

Packers QB Matt Flynn wonders just what in the hell is going on here as the game ends, 26-26. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

Pulling a "McNabb" could be a reference to any number of things:

- Being a player at the top of the stats for a team who is booed, criticized, or despised by fans of that team for some reason.

- Refusing to acknowledge NASCAR drivers are athletes.

- Waiting by the phone for RGIII to call and request you to be his mentor.

But today, it's the failure to realize than an NFL football game can end in a tie, which the Packers and Vikings did on Sunday, 26-26. This was something McNabb famously did in 2008, when the Eagles and Bengals ended a game tied, and McNabb, then having been in the NFL 10 years, did not know that that could happen.