PETA gives cheesesteak capital of world 'Most Vegetarian-Friendly for Sports Fans' Award

Apparently, the sports complex is crawling with vegetarian options. Who knew!

PETA knew. And they knew it well enough that they awarded Philadelphia the "Most Vegetarian-Friendly for Sports Fans" Award - in Lincoln Financial's case, for the fourth year in a row. 

Citizens Bank Park was also ranked number one and the Wells Fargo Center was nuber three, so PETA determined that in general, the best place to not eat meat while watching sports is Philadelphia. Vegan options exist for steaks, hot dogs, tacos, and more in the area, and that is reason to celebrate.

The Chiefs ranked second on the list, proving once and for all that the Eagles are better without Andy Reid. Also of note: apparently in Oakland there's a meatless chili. Which sounds curious.

Quinoa for everyone!