Orioles Bird bullied, humiliated in front of crowd at hockey game

Washington has long had an inferiority complex in the sports world. The Nationals, despite being a better team currently then the Phillies, can't seem to shake that "lil bruvver" dynamic, constantly trying to get attention by overcompensating the perceived hostility between them and their rivals.

This isn't limited to the baseball diamond, it seems. Washington often takes swings at innocent Baltimore, as well, and without the Charm City having their own hockey team, the Capitals pulled in the Oriole Bird mascot for "Kids Night" last night, to disrespect him despite one of their captains being named after an Orioles legend.

After being denied skates to partake in a quick scrimmage against some children, the Orioles mascot was easily schooled by some local younglings. The following intermission, he was handed a t-shirt cannon and forced to fire Washington Capitals memorabilia into the stands.

Then, the killing stroke - management had the poor bird shoved into a big plastic sphere and paraded around the ice in a ludicrous display of humiliation. He naturally fell down a lot of times, to the delight of the screaming monsters filling the seats, and departed the ice a shell of his former self.

Camden Chat has images of the nightmare.

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