Only player in World Series you are rooting for returns in Game Six

Don't forget us, Shane. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Ho hum, another World Series, Game Six. Red Sox-Cardinals. Beards. The Right Way. Most expensive tickets ever. First Red Sox World Series win in Boston since 1918. Cardinals trapped on an airplane for seven hours.

As a Phillies fan, it can be tough to get into this. The Sixers' season begins tonight, after all.

But, just in case you were interested, the most common deciding factor for which team to cheer for as a Phillies fan, Shane Victorino, will return tonight and probably be the spark-spewing firecracker the teams needs to win it all.

Of course, he could hit a game-winning home run and become better known as one of the Red Sox than as a Phillie. They could retire his number. He could go into the Hall of Fame with them, if the threshold for getting into the Hall of Fame lowers dramatically.

My god. This could be traumatizing.

Nobody watch.