Only one Pouncey brother regrets 'Free Hernandez' hat

NFL players Mike (of the Dolphins) and Maurkice Pouncey (of the Steelers) caused a stir recently by proudly showing off their "Free Hernandez" hats while out on the town.

The hats were apparently part of a campaign to garner sympathy for suspected murderer and former teammate of the Pounceys with the Florida Gators, Aaron Hernandez.

Obviously, both brothers were brought in for chats with their respective team's PR departments, and Maurkice tweeted out an apology for his head gear.

Mike, however, doesn't seem as willing to concede.

"I'm just here to focus on football," Pouncey said. "We get paid a lot of money to act a certain way, and that's the way we should be acting."
--CBS Sports

So apparently NFL teams have some kind of problem with openly supporting a guy who has been widely suspected as a murderer, and this is news to some people.