One-word responses to the Bearcats' tournament uniforms

Adidas unveiled their NCAA tournament uniforms a few weeks ago, which were mistaken as a sick joke before reality set in: They were actually going to play in these things.

So, seizure-inducing or not, Cincinnati donned their uniforms this afternoon and took the court. 

Meanwhile, people everywhere had their reactions. But we asked people mulling around in Xfinity Live for their instincts - the first word that came to mind when they looked at the Bearcats' new uniforms.


  • "Scribbles."
  • "Nerf."
  • "'Nineties."
  • "What?"
  • "Kindergarten."
  • "Blurry."
  • "" (Follow-up: "I'm sorry, I didn't totally hear the question.")
  • "Squiggling."
  • "Cowabunga."
  • "Loud."
  • "Fierce."


One guy misunderstood the "one word" concept and launched into an in depth diatribe on how the Cincinnati Bearcats' shorts look like the panel of a comic book that's supposed to indicate that it's raining.

Then two bartenders started trying to ride the mechanical bull standing up and nobody wanted to talk to me anymore.