Not a ton of confidence in Eagles vs. Peyton Manning

It was a quiet Monday night in autumn, and all anybody could talk about was how dead the Eagles already were.

Peyton Manning stood on the throats of the Oakland Raiders for four quarters, throwing the most accurate game of his career (86.5% completion rate) and tallying 12 TDs for the season, with zero interceptions.

It was a quarterback performance at which many in Philadelphia would have been in awe. But next Sunday, Manning will be waiting with a stampede of Broncos when it's the Eagles who have to fly into Denver - which they will do with not a ton of confidence behind them.

If the last two weeks were disappointing losses, next week's could be the one that uses up Chip Kelly's "new guy" latitude. The phone lines will blow up. The comment sections will explode. Remotes will be hurled out of windows, followed quickly by televisions.

Real eagles will start dropping out of the sky. The United States will find a more deserving bird of prey to put on all of its secret documents, and history will be rewritten so that every baby born after next Sunday will believe that Philadelphia had nothing to do with the birth of the country, to save them from wondering how the city that houses the team Peyton Manning so handedly destroyed could give birth to the free world.

One thing for sure is that the Eagles will not be the disappointment in week four, as no one is giving them an inch of expectations; the disappointment seems to be if Peyton Manning lets them leave with any of their dignity.

Or, they could, you know, win.

No? We're not doing the "believe in yourself" thing? Okay.