Nobody is buying Phillies jerseys

(Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

It makes sense if very few people want to emulate a Phillies player right now.

Chances are, most fans already own the jersey of the team's sole All-Star, Chase Utley. Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee have all been with the team forever as well. 

Other than that, you can split the remaining players into a few select groups: Doldrum middle infielders; journeymen catchers; young pitchers trying to make a name for themselves; and relief pitchers who don't want to be on the team anymore.

It doesn't make for the sexiest jersey sales, as indicated this morning with the midseason report:

Not a lot of surprises here. Old favorites like Jeter, Molina, Wright, Pedroia, Ortiz, Cano, and Cabrera are still hanging around, while youngling likes Harper, Machado, Tanaka, Freeman, Puig, and McCutchen are on the rise. Even the Cubs have the #15 most popular jersey with Anthony Rizzo. The Cubs!

In years to come, expect this list to be dominated by Astros, whose fans have developed a swell of confidence following that Sports Illustrated cover.