No matter who loses Super Bowl, Skittles win

There are probably people out there who are excited to watch the Super Bowl, and some of them are even rooting for a particular team. To them, the outcome of the game will affect their mood. 

To sinister candy overlords rubbing their hands together, the outcome is meaningless. All that matters is that Marshawn Lynch continues their campaign.

Lynch's salivation for the colorful candies has been documented in the huddle, and become part of his pregame ritual, so when word got back to the company, they saw an opportunity and installed a Skittles dispenser in his locker and gave him a free two-year supply.

Now, there are menu items popping up in Seattle fooderies that become Marshawn-alized with the addition of a bag of Skittles.

Lynch is getting showered in Skittles as he leaves the field.

Bags of Skittles are becoming self-aware, growing human body parts, and dancing at Seahawks games.

What a fun, quirky story that could end with Skittles netting $5 million. That's the predicted amount of free advertising Skittles are about to receive with Marshawn Lynch about to appear in the Super Bowl. 

Last year, 30-second ad space during the Super Bowl was estimated at $3.5-4 million.