New Kids on the Dock soar to victory

The New Kids on the Dock's "Dock Lobster" won the 2012 Philadelphia Red Bull Flugtag (Handout photo)

Who said lobsters cant’ fly?

That piece of wisdom was proven wrong Saturday, as Adam Denard and his teammates on New Kids on the Dock rode their crazed crustacean 45 feet over the Delaware River to win the 2012 Red Bull Flugtag.

“It was so crazy when they said our name,” Denard said. “All of our friends stormed the gates and tossed us on their shoulders. It was awesome pandemonium.”

The nautical boy band danced its way to victory among 33 other teams, including a group of bloody butchers from Philly eatery Amis and St. Joseph University’s “Team Hawkward,” who won second and third place, respectively.

“Everything has come to fruition, and, more importantly, it was a lot of fun,” Denard said as he partied with his teammates at Morgan’s Pier, not far from where he made his victorious flight.

The “band” said they’re cutting loose and enjoying their trophy—during the months of preparation leading up to Flugtag, there wasn’t much downtime.

“I went to bed at 10 p.m. last night,” Denard said. “You can’t dance in sync when you're hung over.

“If you're gonna do it, do it all the way. Don't do it half-ass.”

Denard and his friends’ hard work and sacrifice paid off, and they say they’re ready to take off again.

“If we’re in the Philly area next time this comes to town, you bet we will be in the mix.”