Nationals invite employees to come see team that eliminated them last year

"Go Cardinals!" (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

You've worked hard, Nationals employees.

Some of you harder than others, but still. It was a long, hard, incredibly disappointing season. I think we all know how high your hopes were for the year. Remember all those Nationals-Blue Jays World Series predictions? Ha ha ha.

Here we are, with the same old Red Sox/Tigers/Dodgers/Cardinals formula as every year. The Dodgers are kind of new I guess. And the Yankees aren't in there. That's nice.

But hey, why did you get into this business? Because of the Nationals? No! In the grand scheme of things, they're barely a blip on the historical radar. Because of baseball! 

So why don't you all head down to St. Louis to watch some playoff baseball that your team did not qualify for, but featuring the team they lost to the last time they did. In heartbreaking fashion.

Don't you want to watch them celebrate? Again?

This time it wouldn't even be your hearts they're dancing on!