Nationals have a 'Jayson Werth Garden Gnome' ticket package available

Pitchers and catcher have almost reported, sort of, so it's time to talk about buying tickets to see your favorite team! At least at first, right? Before reality sets in? C'mon, it'll be nice out. We'll get seats in the shade. I'll buy you a Marlon Byrd jersey!


Well, some teams' fans are thrilled, and that includes the Nationals, who are so proud of former Phillie Jayson Werth that they've crafted a garden gnome in his likeness. This is not what it looks like:

And not only that, but they're giving it away one night this summer, and they're basing one of their ticket packages around it:

"Werth Garden Gnome Plan (10 games for the price of 9): Watch veteran Jayson Werth and the Nats take on top opponents, including the night of his garden gnome giveaway on August 5. Plan also includes the opening weekend battle against the Braves and visits from the Orioles, Cardinals and Giants. The full promotional schedule is expected to be released next week."

The gnome will be given away August 5 against the Mets, just after a series vs. the Phillies. Nice try, Nats.

Will the Phillies answer with a Ryan Howard Garden Gnome plan? Our experts say, "geeze, I really hope not."