Nationals acquire Phillies broadcaster's least favorite player

Scott Hairston hits a two-run home run off of Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels in the sixth inning of a baseball game in 2012. (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

On the eve of their series with the Phillies, the Washington Nationals went out and made a trade for former Met and Cubs outfielder Scott Hairston. Here he is being swallowed by some plant life.

The Phillies, coming off two critical series wins in a bid to save their season, will enter the four-game home stretch against the Nats with big ideas. One of those ideas should be stifling Hairston, who has given them fits in the recent past.

So hefty were the fits that last season, Phillies radio broadcaster Scott Franzke, forgetting to hit his "cough" button, could do little but shriek into his microphone about how easy it should be to get Hairston, a career .244 hitter hitting .172 this year, out.

Of course, Hairston's numbers against the Phillies are those of a competely different, far superior player: He's hitting .307 against Phillies pitching in 127 at-bats, with an OPS of 1.025.