Nationals' Jayson Werth wants to 'eat somebody's face'

Jayson Werth may be playing for arguably the Phillies' biggest rival, but he keeps giving gifts to Philadelphia fans.

The Phillies' 4-2 win over the Nationals on Tuesday means that the two teams are tied for second place in the NL East, seven games back of the Atlanta Braves.

Suffice to say Werth isn't happy about it. He said this to reporters in the clubhouse after the game:

I guess we’re kind of all screwed up like that. Stuff doesn’t bother us. When you get to this level, play for this long, you’ve learned to get over stuff like that pretty quick. It’s just part of it. People that drown in it and people that take it home and allow it to eat at them and all that don’t usually last too long. They don’t stick around. That’s all part of being a big leaguer. You’ve just got to do it.

Werth also said this:

Now, we are used to having faces broken around here, but having faces eaten is a new one.

Or maybe the Nationals, who have fallen way short of their fans' World-Series-Or-Bust expectations, are so desperate to start winning that they've turned to cannibalism.