NL Final Vote for All-Star Game divides a nation

Yasiel Puig is the odds-on favorite, with ESPN in his corner. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

The latest results of the NL Final Vote for the All-Star Game show Yasiel Puig lagging behind Freddie Freeman, but the graphic interpretation of the process thus far offers from interesting theories.


  • As The New Yorker's Caitlin Kelly points out, California's "Pence-Puig" line is clearly drawn.
  • Canada <3's Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Braves players will not be happy regardless.
  • South Jersey still hasn't let go of Hunter Pence.
  • Ian Desmond can't win his home state (Florida).
  • Philadelphia appears to be for Puig.
  • South Central Nevada also <3's Gonzalez.
  • Freddie Freeman has carved out his own little corner of CA.