NFL tries to rob DeSean Jackson of honor

The NFL issued an apology last night, but not for anything related to concussions or particular words that have fallen out of Roger Goodell’s mouth.

No, their website was trying to repent after DeSean Jackson’s Miracle at the New Meadowlands was voted the Best NFL Play of All Time with 58 million votes.

“There's no way this is a better play than the Immaculate Reception, Music City Miracle or David Tyree's Helmet Catch,” they wrote.  “This is the ugly side of democracy. Hope you are happy.”

On the one hand, good on for announcing the results of a poll that they did not agree with.  They could have just as easily just picked a more deserving play, said it got more votes, and dealt with the consequences (people being inconsolably furious for a few minutes, then getting distracted by something else on the internet).

But the truth is, nothing can soil this victory for DeSean Jackson and Philadelphia; not most people disagreeing with it, not the organizers of the vote openly admitting it was a sham, nothing. 

Well, I bet the Eagles could.


The Phillies backed Cliff Lee with three home runs last night, torching the Mets, 8-3.  Word that it was Back Cliff Lee with Home Runs Night got as far as Lakewood, New Jersey where top ten Phillies prospect and human dust cloud Roman Quinn punched an inside-the-park home run.


Some modern sports and events are in need of dramatic change: the NFL needs do a better job of protecting its players brains; Major League Baseball is long overdue for robot umpires, and pro basketball has that problem of being rigged.

One institution that doesn't really seem in need of a cataclysmic shake-up is the National Spelling Bee. 

Until now. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is tired of all those slackers getting through and will now require its 16-year-old and under participants to know the definition of the word they are spelling for 50% of their score.

And as we all know, it is ever eighth grader's dream to double the amount of time they spend learning the proper spelling and definitions of hundreds of eight-syllable words.


The trailer for Elysium has debuted, and we got our first look at Matt Damon in the year 2159.  He’s bald, sick, and under frequent attack by androids, but it’s okay, because he’s got a robot spinal system drilled into his head and back. 

That should make blowing up Jodie Foster a little easier, who stars as a wealthy, upper class haircut and inventor of a new kind of tanning bed that also cures cancer.

Did that guy just have a an extra robot spine lying around, waiting for someone to want to destroy Elysium?