Millen apologizes to Jaworski for ethnic slur

Matt Millen got into hot water for sticking his foot in his mouth while he was president of the Detroit Lions, and his internal sensor doesn't seem to have been honed much now that he's a television analyst.

In an exchange with Ron Jaworski during ESPN's television coverage of the NFL Draft today, Millen called the former Eagles quarterback a "Polack."

Obviously moving to head off any potential backlash from the remark, ESPN quickly put Millen back in front of the camera following the next commercial break. Millen, sitting on a solitary stool and looking contrite, apologized for the remark and insisted he meant no disrespect to people of Polish descent. He explained that he and Jaworski are close friends, and that the term was only used playfully and with no negative connotation.

This is not the first time that Millen has come under scrutiny for using a slur. While still running the show in Detroit, he drew fire nationally after calling then-Chiefs wide receiver Johnnie Morton a derogatory term for a homosexual after a game at Arrowhead Stadium.